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Lingnan-style Chinatown as new Jakarta Landmark

Lingnan-style Chinatown architectural building is being built in Indonesia


Harian International Media - The year 2014 is to become an important node for Chinese company internationalization. And the most excellent evidence was that China's overseas investment for the first time exceeded domestic investment in the country.

For the first time in August 2014, as more and more Chinese companies go abroad, Guangdong Decoration General Co. together with Foshan Shunde Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd. made its debut in Jakarta, Indonesia. These two institutions works together to build a Lingnan-style Chinatown architectural building with SUPRA Group, which is owned by a very influential figure ,Yusuf Hamdani. SUPRA Group has spend US $ 100 million to make the Pancoran Chinatown as a new landmark of Jakarta. That would offer new shopping and entertainment attractions for the Indonesian people and foreign tourists.

The "going out" strategy of  Chinese companies are major policy required by the State Council of the People Republic of China based on new trend of economic globalization and the economic development of China. These are major step for china in developing an open economy, and comprehensively improve the level and openness of the economy. The policy is also an effective way to realize the long-term socio-economic development of China, encouraging the shared development of China and various countries in the world.

On 19 to 24 August 2014 , Liang Weixiong - Zong Guang Zhuang Operations Culture Communication Co., Ltd Director together with Foshan Shunde Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd. was coordinating Guangdong Decoration General Co to form the "ASEAN Without Barriers - Experience Indonesia" alliance to meet the strategic needs of China expansion, following the development trend of building decoration industry, combined with the strategy of China-ASEAN market.  And they make their debut in Jakarta as well as cooperating with SUPRA Group which belong to a very influential figure ,Yusuf Hamdani, in order to build Pancoran Chinatown with a Lingnan-style architectural building together.

The two sides also discussed the establishment of interactive joint framework for natural resource and Indonesian-Chinese markets as well as to discuss the prospects of  collaborating  a decoration and industrial architecture between the two countries.

They receive a warm welcome during this "ASEAN Without Barriers - Indonesia Experience" alliance visit from Yusuf Hamdani , our Perwaguzsi Chairman.  And it was not until 30 days after the visit, both sides achieving a deal. Finally on 10 September 2014 they signed a contract to build and design the Pancoran Chinatown Point Jakarta, Indonesia.

The smoothness of "Pancoran Chinatown" construction project is the initial test for General Decoration Co. and Guangdong Foshan Shunde Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd  "ASEAN Without Barriers - Indonesia Experience" joint collaboration. Also marking the first development for  Guangdong  decoration and construction industry in the ASEAN market with Indonesia as a starting point  to officially steps in the international market.

Foshan Shunde Architecture Design Institute Co., Ltd. Director  , Liang Kunhao , known as "Gui Cai", is the Chief Designer of the Pancoran Chinatown. As the Linan natives , Liang Kunhao use pure Lingnan architectural elements in decorating Pancoran Chinatown brackets, hannging beam, big arch and others. The building Big LED Screen are also designed using the concept of a traditional frame. Small running water  bridge and this Chinatown pavilion is combined perfectly with modern multi-storey building. Liang Kunhao said, this Chinatown is built based on his own outlook and hope for modern Lingnan architecture and combining Lingnan culture with modern technology is the key of "Pancoran Chinatown Point" development.

Not many notable Chinese style building in Indonesia. Technical staff  who master the art of Lingnan building also rare. Therefore, Liang Kunhao stated that the care of expert staff are needed for the end installation phase. It is estimated that after the various components is completed, they will sent three designers groups to Indonesian to guide the installation process.
Pancoran Chinatown Point Jakarta is built in the former location of Jakarta old shopping center , Gloria Pancoran. Which covers 1 hectare and is estimated to have more than 30 floors. Pancoran Chinatown Point shopping center is a multi-function superblock consists of hotel and apartments decorated with Chinese ornament.

They also planned to built a large leisure square with an area of 1,500 square meters in this shopping center. The aim is to attract more domestic and foreign tourists to come to Jakarta and visit the Pancoran Chinatown Point Jakarta in particulary.

The Pancoran Chinatown Point Jakarta will be fully operational in 2017. As the new icon of Jakarta, she will present a surprise that should be expected. bam


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